Peril at high C

In God we trust.  It’s not just ship captains that are endangered by liberal foreign policy.   In reality, we find ourselves in the midst of an intellectual war over basic civil liberties.  Conservatives are now labeled enemy of the state.  Terrorists are now labeled civil activists, alternative thinkers, and community organizers. It is the apathy of sleepy conservative minds, busy running businesses and doing what they need to do to sustain a capitalistic economy, that has allowed us to reach this point.  We find ourselves outmaneuvered at many points, yet we still have the strong advantages of Truth, Wisdom, Logic, Liberty, Justice.  We must cling to these strongholds, for if we part with them, we will fall.  If we fall, we may be many generations before we recover, if ever.  We, The United States of America, are the last stronghold of Freedom.  There are no shores to retreat to on a makeshift raft when the radical dictators start slaughtering our offspring.  There are no intervening nations we can expect to intervene on our behalf.  If we do not stand, if we do not clear our throat and raise our voice against this oppression, the same dark cloud that covered this planet for 600 years after the fall of Rome.

Download Napolitano’s Rightwing Extremism Report attacking conservatives

You also may be interested in King’s charter for suppressing the freedom rebelllion in 1775

Remember, with knowledge, and Truth, we live.


~ by gunkyclaypot on April 12, 2009.

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