IRAN: Taking U.S. Hostages Again?

As today we receive news from Beirut that 31 year old Roxana Saberi, the American journalist of Iranian descent, was given an eight year sentence for spying, by Iran’s Revolutionary Court, we can’t help but compare the responses of our current administration to the administrations of Carter and Reagan in 1979-1981 (the 444 day Iran Hostage crisis).  Actually when you compare Hillary Clinton’s response to Reagan’s response it’s pretty much: Reagan: “give up Hostages or die”; Clinton: “aww shucks you have hostages?”

Today we heard no word from the President thus far, as has become the predictable ‘i’m too scared to make any decisions that might stick to me later’ style of our current “leader”.  So who we did hear from was Hillary Clinton, who said merely that she was “dissapointed” with the sentance, and will continue to let the Iranian government know how dissappointed she is.  (Wow, easy there Hillary, don’t play hard ball with the Iranians there. Remember you let them have nukes, after all.)

Why is it that our liberal politicians are so willing to get down and dirty with hard ball tactics when their opposition is only conservative politicians, but when they face real danger, real enemies, they cower like kittens in the rain?  it’s because they don’t have any fear or worry when it comes to conservatives (regardless of the released report this week) but they are either terrified or in league with our enemies abroad.  You decide.

Wall Street Journal Article on this subject


~ by Bill Newman on April 18, 2009.

One Response to “IRAN: Taking U.S. Hostages Again?”

  1. I think you need to add one more option to your poll:

    “They are too dumb to know any better.”

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