DOJ Torture Memos

After deliberation I decided to post the memos here so that my mostly conservative readers would have free access to the contents, without having to reveal their identity, as I did.  Originally I was going to refrain from doing so because I was in full agreement with former Bush administration members that the documents should not be released.  I strongly feel that the release of such documents eviscerates the integrity of our intellegence gathering system by causing all methods of interrogations to be halted or not used, even when needed, on the grounds that decision makers in this environment will now feel that their actions are going to be quite probably subjected to future decontextualized public  scrutiny. 

However, now that the documents have been released, the distribution of the documents is a completely different matter.  Logic and reason will bear one to the conclusion that it was only the actual release of the documents that bore the consequence on national security, not the distribution.  In fact, the distribution to the conservative majority is in fact essential in order to win the debate on freedom over tyranny. (click here for Mark Levin’s book “Liberty & Tyranny” for just #13) So I encourage my fellow conservative thinkers, read these documents, and find for yourself the mild, gracious, humane methods of information extraction which we applied to our worst enemy, and be not only reassured that we are the greatest nation on this, God’s green earth, but we are a nation that loves even our enemy, and treats him with respect.

(Of course, I also imagine soon these documents may be more widely distributed and this may all be moot,  however, the moral dilemma does exist at the time of this writing.)

Torture Memos 1: Part 1     Torture Memos 1: part 2   Torture Memos 2   Torture Memos 3 from 2002


~ by Bill Newman on April 19, 2009.

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