Bad Economics and the New Democratic Deals

My Grandmother used to say “Billy, if you don’t have anything nice to say about somebody, don’t say anything at all.” Well it might be better for her that she is not here to see the current political game being played out in Washington D.C. by the democratic regime, because there would be a lot of blank newspapers and blogs if we all followed that axiom to the ‘T’ (or should i say “tea”).

The reality is, the economic policies that are being put in place this very moment are going to cripple this nation economically for generations to come, and ironically, history text-books will continue to re-write this era as a booming time of change and economic progress and recovery, just as they have FDR’s financially lecherous “New Deal” bungles.

The TRUTH? The Obama administration is openly and clandestinely attempting to position the growth of the government in correlation with a national economic crisis in such a way that the U.S. will have a nearly impossible time of escaping an endless cycle of huge tax increases, entrepreneureal collapse, rising unemployment, ominous deflation, printing of more money, increased inflation, more tax increases….. etc.  They plan on doing this in every area that touches our lives from banking to healthcare to even alternative energy research.

If you really want a good picture of what the Obama administration has planned, then the best person to talk to

Sen. Judd Gregg - Thank You

Sen. Judd Gregg - Thank You

would be the person who got the closest look.  That person would be Sen. Judd Gregg, the man Obama tapped to be his commerce secretary, who accepted, and then declined.  Sen. Gregg got an inside look into the Obama machine and ran away with his hand over his mouth (think of the first time you saw maggots on a rotting carcass).

Well the Wall Street Journal sat down with Sen. Gregg and a very revealing opinion article by Brian Carney is the result.  I strongly recommend you read this article.  i read it on the plane today and well, I can’t say I was surprised, but it does give you a little more clarity on the agenda of the current administration.

Here is the link. to the article entitled ‘Elections Have Consequences” by Brian M. Carney.

You also may be interested in picking up the book “Applied Economics”


~ by Bill Newman on April 26, 2009.

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