Travel To Cuba?

courtesy of the WSJ Blog[Obama - Cuba WSJ] courtesy of the WSJ Blog

Obama - Cuba

After reading the entire five or so lines of the “H.R. 874: Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act” it becomes very apparent that the Obama administration does not necessarily value “thinking things through” all the way. There are no details, specifications, or guidelines of any nature in this act. Which is interesting considering if passed it will essentially overturn the long-standing trade embargo we’ve had with Cuba, and will essentially condone the totalitarian dictatorial practices that oppress the Cuban people. So what is the purpose of the sudden appearance of this act. Well it’s supportors would claim that it’s purpose is to allow Cubans to visit their family members. Honestly, do you think you would go back to a country to visit anyone, after you risked your lives and the lives of your family to float across shark infested waters on a makeshift raft to come to America? Now some toothy American politician tells you that you’re allowed to go back and visit family! Ha! Yeah right! What are the odds that, even if the Castro clan doesn’t nab you and toss you in jail for “outstanding warrants” of some trumped up case, that they won’t make life a living hell for the family that you exposed through your visit?  So who will take advantage of the lift in travel restrictions? Those who need their constituents to go back and forth to and from Cuba to do things you and I probably don’t want them to do.  Such as make backroom political deals with third world latin nations.  But hey that’s just my optimistic hunch.

Read the text of the Act Here “H.R. 874: Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act”


~ by Bill Newman on April 26, 2009.

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