Condi Rice drops some knowledge!

Watch as Condi Rice displays her tact, knowledge, and acumen as well as her ability to deal with petty hecklers who constantly wine about the USA defending itself.  This anti-war neophite had no idea what was in store for them when they stepped in to play with the big-leagues, but then again, neither does our current entire Obama administration, do they?  You will notice that the student who posted this video on YouTube STILL DOESN”T GET IT. What is wrong with our current educational system that when students are subjected to such clear, articulate reasoning, their minds are so well-trained to reject it?!  Yet they soak up the Gore/Moore Green machine like a sponge.

Note: watch as the room gets silent once everyone realizes that Rice is dropping some serious knowledge on the young punk.  I hope for this kid that this was a learning experience.  I’m sure that his young white ego will make it difficult for him to accept this dousing from a black woman (because, contrary to popular rumor, liberals are the racists, not conservatives), but let’s hope he learned something.


~ by Bill Newman on May 4, 2009.

One Response to “Condi Rice drops some knowledge!”

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