Miss CA & the Lefty Hate Factor

It’s amazing how the left’s ability to hate, smear, slander, and jeer has not been softened at all in the face of impending sweeping socialization, the most leftist president this nation has ever seen, and widespread noblization of all things immoral.  Yet we see once again that let one little voice utter one little peep of a an opinion that doesn’t line up with the extreme far left agenda, and that little voice will be eviscerated beyond recognition.

Yet there are some signs of encouragement.  Such as this article from the “Gay Patriot” that takes a stand for Carrie Prejean, and commends her not only on her thinking, but on her non-condemning presentation of her personal opinion.  After all, that’s what it was, right, her personal opinion?  But after all, the leftist must remind us that we are no longer living in a democracy, we are living in an obmacracy, where free thought is discouraged, in fact not allowed, and where your career will be literally destroyed if you do not “toe the line”.

Read the Article in the Gay Patriot Here

Watch this embarrassing display by left winger Gloria Feldt as she weilds insults at Ms Prejean and Laura Ingram


~ by Bill Newman on May 4, 2009.

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