Obama to Notre Dame Students: “Life: Take it or leave it”


President Barack Obama acknowledges the applause of the crowd as he arrives for commencement ceremonies at the University of Notre Dame. ASSOCIATED PRESS

President Barack Obama acknowledges the applause of the crowd as he arrives for commencement ceremonies at the University of Notre Dame. ASSOCIATED PRESS



Obama was summarized as challenging the students at Notre Dame to find a way for people on both sides of the abortion issue to ‘get along’ and ‘stop demonizing’ each other.  To someone who is pro-life, there really is no way to compromise their position.  You either do or don’t tolerate abortions.  Once you tolerate abortions, you don’t tolerate the pro-life view.  So there really is no “wonderland” of co-habitation of the opposing views, as Obama would like to have people believe.  Of course, Obama is smart enough to realize this, but unfortunately for our nation, this line of speakeasy evasiveness has been the status-quo for this administration since the start of his campaign.  The problem is that this exemplifies the lack of leadership that our current President is willing to take.  In fact, he is being led in an unprecidented extent, (like a bull by his nose, or as some have said, like a house servant by his master) by the far left lobbyists and DNC power players to do whatever they desire.  More and more we begin to see that Barack Obama is a puppet, or as some have glamorized, a “manchurian candidate” for the far left extremists (whose ultimate goal, incidentally, is to desovereignize the U.S.A. into a minimalized player in a much more powerful version of the U.N. … but more on that later.)  What we see today was a blatant display of leftism, but more important, a careful crafted and strategic step taken by the “President” to attempt to show that the largest conservative and religious organization on the planet not only tolerates his views, but in fact accepts and honors them with a degree.  The coming days will be telling as the Vatican responds to what this “independant” Catholic university has chosen to do.


For those of us who are pro-life, we are disappointed in Notre Dame, however, we never put our trust in an institution to protect the sanctity of life.  We put our trust in the Creator.  He will judge whom He sees fit to judge.  Our actions and our lack of actions, however, deserve our contemplation. 

What have we truly done to promote, teach, and show the value of life?  Do we tolerate television shows that promote the promiscuity that has lead to the millions of abortions our nations has incurred?  Do we invite into our home via movies, networks, and various media, certain celebrities who have made it their objective to promote a “pro-choice” anti-conservative values agenda?  If so, we have to ask ourselves, why have we chosen to, as consumers, contribute to the very things to which we claim to be opposed?  We must remember we are still at this time in a capitalist society.  We must remember we are consumers.  If we know that a certain group, or celebrity, or organization or university is promoting an agenda or philosophy that is in direct opposition to what we promote, and yet we support them by consuming the goods they sell (movies, t.v. shows, etc.) then we are no different than Notre Dame.

Something to consider while we get stirred up at Notre Dame…

August Cole
for Wall Street Journal HERE


~ by Bill Newman on May 17, 2009.

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