Keep the Discussion Amicable Please!

We do no one any good when we resort to name calling and abusive language, simply because we have run out of talking points and facts, and have, lets face it, lost our debate.  The reality is, debate is healthy.  Good, honest debate is what keeps our minds sharp and is what tests ideas.  Debate is the marketplace of philosophy, and when done well, good debate can prevent a lot of unnessassary hardship and pain by stopping bad decisions and based on unsound judgement.  My closest friends are those who stand on opposite sides of some pretty important issues in my life, however our continued discussion is extremely beneficial, not only to affirming and sharpening my belief and my mind, but to our friendship, our humanity, and our ultimate call to live as those whose lives bring glory to their Creator (many of you just found something with which to debate me LOL ).

But I think all of us are dissappointed when we read so-called “writers” in major newspapers talk about public officials while using name-calling and childish tactics, in an effort to express their opinions of that person’s character.  Case in point, Maureen Dowd’s recent column on Dick Cheney.  And dissappointed we should be, becasue shouldn’t our media outlets and the writers they hire be the top in the industry?  Shouldn’t they be skilled at parsing a subject so well that they do not need to resort to personal attacks and petty school-yard tactics?

In reality, we cannot look to the President (who recently mocked the teaparty protestors), Congress (who constantly mock each other from both sides) or the dinasaur media to rise to this standard that we will now set for ourselves.  We however will choose to live to it, and we will make a change from the grassroots position that we now find ourselves clinging.

So the next time you find yourself tempted to tell someone that they are “$#$%@ retarded!”, think twice, be nice, and instead, do a little research on your topic and drop some knowledge on them… you’ll be surprised at how effective it can be!

for a little comic relief: EXHIBIT A (thanks to twitter pal @ConservativeLA for finding this… follow that guy )


~ by Bill Newman on May 18, 2009.

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