Leftys Can’t Handle Hot Conservative Chicks

Ok so I’m finally getting to posting on the “Miss California” debacle. To be honest, I wasn’t really that interested, until it became quite clear that this was actually a top-to-bottom leftist attack against, not Carrie Prejean, but Conservative Values as a whole.

Ask yourself some simple journalistic questions and see where the answers take you.  Why was Ms Prejean singled out for this question, instead of each contestant being asked the “gay marriage” question?  Was it because some deviant, got info to the embarrassingly self-promoting questioning judge who obviously HATES with a passion anyone with a view different than their own? Hmm…  Next, why was THIS question, a surprise question?  If the Miss America organization is so concerned with its image, and with how its contestants are going to represent its image, and if that includes the answering of personal questions, then shouldn’t ALL questions and their respective answers be vetted, practiced, and in fact “coached” ahead of time; and if that is the case, is anyone really interested anymore in the answers to the questions, since they are no longer the girl’s answers, but some Miss America Board of Director’s Approved Answers?  I mean, I already know of no one personally who watches the Miss America pageant, but this would really tank that organization fast.  C’mon, Mr. Trump, do you really need another bankruptcy on your hands?  Let the girls speak their mind for crying out loud.  You, more than anyone, have proven that beautiful women can also be phenomenally bright, articulate, sharp and cunning individuals!

Now we are starting to listen to the constant whining of the pathetic loser of a person, Shanna Moekler, who has now quit her post, claiming she can’t be a part of the organization because of their lack of ethics in letting Carrie Prejean keep her crown.  Really Shanna?  Really?  Or is it because you can’t stand the fact that a conservative has voiced her opinion and lived to see another day?  I think that might be it.  Because I don’t remember you plastering your opinion all over the media about this picture of Alysha Costonquay, Miss Rhode Island 2009, which is far more intentional, and blatant than any of the pictures of Miss California, which by the way, were either from a private unpublished shoot, or were “between” takes, that the photographer had no right to publish.  Shanna you must think we are retarded.  Most of us know that photographers keep the cameras clicking as the models move around, and that wind and stuff blows and that many many pictures are probably “semi-nude” of EVERY contestant who ever did ANY modeling.  That’s the nature of the modeling business, and part of the reason I hope my daughter doesn’t choose it.  Regardless, we KNOW, Shannon, that YOU know this very well, and that your entire charade is nothing more than grandstanding, and ploy for the spotlight, and an attempt to gain some ground with the radical left.  Good luck, they will only use you as long as you are useful, then they will spit you out on the curb somewhere.  You should have stuck with Trump.

For the rest of us?  1. Think twice before modeling.  2. Always be wary of an oddly monikered man with a microphone asking you seeming harmless questions.  3. Finally, never have nude pictures taken of yourself, I don’t care how long your beard is…


~ by Bill Newman on May 19, 2009.

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