This is how the Obama camp will respond to the Tiller murder.

1. Most likely Obama will use this as an opportunity to grap some more free T.V. time, Chavez style, in front of the nation, when frankly, most of us are “Obama’d out”, even if we voted for him.  Why doesn’t he come out and speak to the nation every time a muslim dentist in upstate NY beheads his sister?

2. The white house will talk about their sympathy for the Tiller family, (which all of America shares).  They will probably go on to inflate the credentials of Dr. Tiller and eulagize him as a bold fresh daring man, or something of that nature.

3. IMPORTANT STRATEGY: The white house will most likely make a statement that this act was committed by a fringe radical, and that no-one should see this as an act that speaks for the Pro-Life movement as a whole, or representative of Christians or Pro-Lifers as a group. (THIS NEXT PART IS IMPORTANT) They will then draw this comparison now, or in the future to the Islamic terrorists, and say, “Just as we shouldn’t blame Islam for terrorism, we won’t blame Christianity or the Pro-Life movement, for this one act of terror”. [The problem is that every major Pro-Life group and Christian group has immediatly condemned this ONE ACT of terror, whereas nearly the ENTIRE MUSLIM WORLD has either remained silent or CONDONED the MANY ACTS of terrorism that have taken place all over the world].

4. Finally, they will say how this even more clearly shows the need for tighter gun control laws in our nation, and you will see  something akin to “Tiller’s-Law” attempted to be ramrodded through the fillabuster proof majority.

We’ll see what transpires.


~ by Bill Newman on June 1, 2009.

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