IRAN, BRAVERY, & U.S.Student Cowerdice

The one glaring thought that has stuck in my mind – as I relay messages back and forth as part of what has sprung up over night as a kind of underground Twitter communications for passing information annonomously for Iranian protestors who are risking their lives, for not even freedom, just a lessor form of Tyranny – has been how petty, insignificant, and pansy coated childish every student led protest in the United States seems compared to what these people are going through.  It’s eery that just days ago we reflected on the 20th anniversary of Tienanmen Square, the massacres, and the brainwashing, history revising coverup that ensued.  All that to say, I believe that our day yet approaches when Americans will be called to truly once again stand for something more important than the almighty “SELF”.  Follows are some pictures and video of the struggle as it is being played out in Iran. Pray for the people there as their battle is enormous, but we serve a God that is so much greater.

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~ by Bill Newman on June 17, 2009.

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