What does it take to get Barbara Boxer’s panties in a bunch? Have the highest ranking military officials refer to her as “Ma’am”. Of course here at outpost54 we like to surmise all possible reasons for irrational behavior to try to justify actions of lunatics before casting them into the stockade. So let’s guess. Maybe Barbara has BSDM fetishes and has always dreamed of dominating the entire military, or more realistically for someone with such an icy personal, maybe she is having gender confusion and isn’t ready to be tied down to the “Ma’am” over “Sir” title. At any rate she certainly isn’t familiar with military protocol to refer to any higher ranking official as “Sir” or “Ma-am”. If she were, she would have had the common sense that any half a brain celled person would to be doubly honored to be referred to as “Ma-am” or “Sir” by such a high-ranking individual. Maybe she wasn’t paying attention to the discourse throughout the rest of the meeting during which the high-ranking military officials in question referred to all the other Senators as “Sir”. Maybe she dozed off, had a senile memory loss, or simply views herself more elevated than the rest? That is a hard pick. Do I have to pick just one?




~ by Bill Newman on June 18, 2009.

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