Reputable sources have confirmed that Hugo Chavez is instituting massive real estate institutionalization in Venezuela, by fixiHugo Chavezng home values.  In a truly bold Marxist move, Chavez will decree that across the board all homes will have the same market value per square foot, regardless of

location.  While undoubtedly popular for re-election, the move will be devasting to the increasingly smaller portion of the population that continues to prop up the tyrannical govt with heavy taxes levied against them at every angle.  How long this government will be able to squeeze every last drop of blood from it’s remaining tax payers remains to be seen before they are either simply extinguished or flee, but the latter choice is becoming more and more difficult since the reduction of the cupo allowed through the cadivi at the end of last year.

What will be even more interesting is how closely Obama will continue to follow in his “big brother” Hugo’s steps.

Oddly, this story is yet to be seen in a single U.S. News outlet.


~ by Bill Newman on July 3, 2009.

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