The DNC released another proposal for mandatory government issued healthcare.  (Is this just a hasty effor to immortalize the ailing boozer Ted “i-should-be-in-jail-for-murder” Kennedy?) Do

Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy

 any of us ever remember anything government issued that we anticipated receiving with eagerness?  Doesn’t the mear mention of “government issued” conjure up images of poor quality, mis-managed resources, long-lines, bad memories, and depressing economies? Well for us, that IS the picture. For another group of people, these same images make, in Chris Matthews words, “a tingle crawl up their leg”.

That group of people is the power hungry politicians whose desire is that the government be in control of anything and everything they can manage to get passed the poor unsuspecting voters.  The more desperate the the situation becomes, the more ready the voters are to accept any proposal the politicians throw at them, especially with irresponsible “state sponsored” dinausaur media icons NYT, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS cheering everyone on.

So the question at hand becomes, when is the tipping point, if ever, that will send the pendulum swinging the other direction?  History shows that socialism in any form is a failed proposition that breeds misery and poverty and will eventually end in societal irradication, self-correction, revolution, or outside “intervention”.

I guess we will see.  In the meantime, spreading knowledge is the only real weapon in this war, and informing the uninformed will be the only way us “peons” will have an impact in this “big guy’s” playing field.  However, don’t discount grassroots movements.  Look how hard China and Venezuela work on a daily basis to quell grassroots networks.  It’s because the information distributed among grassroots infrastructures is vital to sustain any resistance…and resist we will.


~ by Bill Newman on July 15, 2009.

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