OBAMA to World:This is 2009, it ain’t cool to like Israel!


Say you bought some land and said to yourself, “According to the local zoning ordinances, I could do many things things with this land.  I could build an ice-cream parlor, [i’ve been getting flack for the use of the word ‘parlor’ here, but what can i say? i got ice cream w/ my grandmother a lot as a kid] I could build an office building, or maybe a small apartment



building.”  These would all be good entrepreneurial thoughts going through your mind as you considered your new investment.  Now consider that you decided to go with the apartment building.  “Okay,” says you, “I’m going to put up a small 20 unit apartment building, rent out the units, and have a nice little retirement and give back to the community at the same time.”  So you start investing money in land development, in architectural design, and you sink probably another third of what you paid for the land just in getting ready to build, and then you actually start construction.  Then one day, as you’re out watching the workers build your investment on your land, someone walks up to you and says, “Are you the owner of this property?”  You say, “Yes.”  And they give you a document that reads that you must immediately stop construction on your property because you are a Jew, and you may be considering leasing or selling condominiums to Jews.  Well as you are reading this you are probably thinking that this sort of thing would only happen in Nazi Germany or maybe in present day Iran or Afghanistan.  But actually this sort of thing is happening this very moment to an American gentleman named Irving Moskowitz who owns property in Jerusalem, Israel, and the individual attempting to hand him the “cease and desist” document is none other than our beloved Barack Obama.

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~ by Bill Newman on July 22, 2009.

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