Who’s the Mob?

SEIU, Obama, and simple Townhall folks.

As I watched the stirring movie The Express, tonight in my hotel room I couldn’t help but draw analogies from the struggles of those who were fighting the “public mindset” to those of us today who are fighting “public mindset” also.  The movie is based on the triumph over racism as black athlete Ernie Davis claimed football fame in a world that would have denied him that glory.  In one pivotal scene a fight breaks out on the field, as the refs continually turn a blind eye on brutality placed on the three black players from Syracuse.

What does this have to do with us conservatives? Well I couldn’t help but wonder how the New York Times and all the other liberal papers that have coddled to the liberal mobsters would have run that story.  Quite possibly their headline would have been something like this… “Once again black mobs incite fighting on the field in the midst of a football game…” or “..organized groups of blacks cause rioting and fighting in Texas over anti-segragation policies…”

As long as hatred toward Judeo-Christian Conservatives is promoted in this country, those who hold those values will be villified at each turn.  Personally, I’m looking forward to not being allowed to share drinking fountains with liberals, but that’s another issue..

Hmmm. something to think about.  See you at the next Townhall.

Fellow Mobster…


~ by Bill Newman on August 19, 2009.

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