U.S. KIDS: Fat or Starving – Liberals can’t make up their mind

In two separate articles on their facebook page this week the SEIU claims the following contradictory theories:

1. that the majority of U.S. children are suffering from record obesity that can only be solved through governement intervention and ultimately of course the hiring of more SEIU service workers.  HERE

Record job losses and high unemployment will “push thousands more children into poverty,” many for the first time, says Tony Pugh, a reporter for McClatchy Newspapers. The change could amount to a record number of children in the United States that will rely on free and reduced-price meals at school.

One indicator of the possible increased enrollment is the record number of families enrolled in the food stamp program, called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Children enrolled in that program are automatically eligible for both the school lunch and school breakfast programs. In May, 34.4 million people “used food stamps to buy groceries,” an increase of 2 percent from April.

The increased enrollment is happening throughout the country. In central Florida’s Polk County schools, there’s been a 50 percent jump in the “number of students who pre-qualified for free lunches.” In Illinois, Chicago public schools “have seen a 30 percent increase, going from 107,144 children eligible for free and reduced-cost meals at the start of last year” to a total of 139,417 this year.”

Many of these students “will be newcomers to poverty,” consisting of “the sons and daughters of laid-off energy and service sector employees or of relocated job seekers who’ve found it tougher than expected to find work.”

While the districts currently receive a reimbursement from the United States Department of Agriculture in the amount of $2.68 per school meal, a report last year by the School Nutrition Association “found that the average cost to prepare a school meal was $2.90 in the last school year.” It’s a situation that leaves districts, who are already strapped for cash, in a difficult situation.

2. that the majority of U.S. children are suffering from the record low economy and number of unemployed and hence need free meals such as breakfast lunch and dinner to be provided for them at local schools, all via service employees such as those united by the SEIU.  HERE

Childhood obesity rates in the United States have tripled, according to a new study by the Academic Pediatrics journal.

Using data collected by the National Health and Nutrition Survey, researchers looked at 12,384 children aged from 2 to 19 years, and were able to conclude that found that 3.8 percent of the children within the sample meet the criteria for “severe obesity.”

Generalized to the entire childhood population of the United States, this could mean that *nearly 2.7 million* American children are severely obese.

Compared to data collected in between 1976 and 1980, the researchers found that the prevalence of severely obese children has essentially tripled in the last 25 years. Back then, only 0.8 percent of children met the criteria for severe obesity.

Among the groups that had the largest increases in severe obesity were children in families that are below the poverty level.

The study provides more evidence for the need of an improved Child Nutrition Act.

The findings in Academic Pediatrics show the need to ensure that healthy and nutritious school meals are available to our nation’s children. Currently, there are far too many processed foods with even fewer nutrients in our school cafeteria menus. While the study concludes that more children need to be treated for obesity, we know that it’s also important to prevent obesity in the first place, and that’s exactly what good school meals can do.

But more importantly, the study also shows a huge need to improve accessibility for these programs. Currently, there are barriers to entry to the school meal program, and reducing them would be an excellent way to ensure that more children – especially those in need – are better able to access the nutritious and wholesome meals that this study shows they need.

HMMM.. call me a sceptic but..I’m guessing the SEIU thinks it can solve both of these problems with…MORE SEIU CONTROL OVER MEALTIME!! (no, don’t bother Mom and Dad, WE’LL do breakfast lunch and dinner!)


~ by Bill Newman on August 21, 2009.

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