SEIU BRAGS over TERRORIZING tiny teaparty!

SEIU brags about busing in 60 people and terrorizing and thugging out a tiny group of small town TeaParty folk.  Is this insanity? Imagine if the roles were reversed! Imagine if 7 or 8 small town people assembled in support of HR3200 and 60 people were BUSSED IN to scare the hell out of them..! It would be headline news on all the major dinasaur media outlets.  Here’s the SEIU brag sheet from their facebook page linked HERE

Health Care Supporters Take Over Tea Party in “Red Tennessee”
 Monday, July 27, 2009 at 11:28am

With less than 24 hours’ notice, Change That Works Tennessee and its coalition partners staged a massive counter-demonstration at a Tea Party in front of Rep. Bart Gordon’s office in Rutherford County. Our action turned the ‘Tea Party’ into a health care reform party.

A mere seven anti-reform “Teabaggers” were overwhelmed as over 60 health care reform supporters converged on the square in downtown Murfreesboro to urge Bart Gordon to support H.R. 3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act.

“They didn’t know what hit them,” said Tony Cani, the state director of Change That Works. “Rutherford County is ground zero for conservative politics in Tennessee and we went right into their house and took over their event. I think a couple messages were sent today at this rally. First, the Teabaggers and the other enemies of change are not going to keep going unchallenged in Tennessee. Second, Bart Gordon needs to do the right thing and vote for health care reform because it isn’t only conservatives who are watching his vote on H.R. 3200.”

Watch footage:


“It was great to see people honking their horns in support of us,” said Cecelia Moss of Murfreesboro. “We don’t normally see a lot of progressives and pro-health care reform supporters out here being visible, but there were quite a few folks who were working nearby who came over to stand with us. That was very encouraging.”

Change That Works would like to thank its coalition partners for spreading the word about the rally, including the Tennessee Health Care Campaign, Health Care for America Now, Organizing for America, and our friends in organized labor.

Remember, the time to pass legislation to provide quality, affordable health care for all is now. If you live in Tennessee, call Rep. Bart Gordon (615-896-1986) and tell him to VOTE YES on H.R. 3200.


~ by Bill Newman on August 22, 2009.

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