LIBS tell Whole Foods CEO – Stop thinking for yourself!

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, typically a liberal friendly kind of guy, a self-starter who started one of the largest grocery chains in his garage, has now been turned against by the LIBERAL MACHINE because he dared to disagree with the President. (gasp! a liberal who thinks for himself! gasp choke wheeze..!)

After Mackey issued a statement that he provides insurance for his workers, and that he is concerned with the President’s plan and the LIBERAL THUG MACHINES went into instant full court press sending protestors to locations in major cities across the U.S.  Essentially, the message is the same, disagree with the establishment, and you will be villified, scorned, boycotted, and otherwise punished.  (Interesting because I remember liberals and the Dixie Chicks weeping big tears when their record sales slumped after they trashed the entire country immediatly after 9/11).

So I guess there may be a customer base change at Whole Foods because conservatives will want to remain healthy under the single payer system, and will want to support someone with the brass ones to stand against the establishment.

notice the UNION BOSSES, and the “blabber” that says that Mackey was against ANY reform, they continue to misquote and abuse anyone, even their own..


~ by Bill Newman on August 22, 2009.

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