Borrow and Spend:

Obama continues to practice all of the financial logic that we were taught NOT to follow as children; i.e. spend more than you have; if you want what you can’t afford, borrow; when the chips are down, spend, spend, spend!  It’s clear why this President is one of the few to have no experience in the “real world” of economics, but has only floated about on the magic carpet ride of government grants, activist group funding, and special interest paybacks.

The question at hand for the American people, however, is how long will we tolerate an fiscal incompetent, drunk with power, sitting behind the wheel of the American economy?  How much do we have to lose before enough is enough, and at that point, will the economy be recoverable within site of any living generations?

You will do well to read this article from my friends at the Heritage Foundation, then send them something to support their hard work.  Remember, with truth we live.


Morning Bell: A Sobering Wake Up Call

~ by Bill Newman on August 27, 2009.

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