Has the Healthcare Bill Fallen Ill?

america is not behind this bill


With fierce opposition from the GOP, waning support from the Democrats, and overall confusion and/or disapproval from the general public, it would seem that President Obama and Harry Reid’s plan for a heavily socialized brand of healthcare reform is dead in the water.  Even more devastating is the recent news that Obama’s widely publicized supporter, Warren Buffet, has pulled his support of the Healthcare Bill.

So why does it seem that Obama, Reid and Co. are pushing ahead with their plan regardless of outside support?  Why are they threatening extreme tactics such as reconciliation?  Perhaps it’s because this is a new era of politics, one in which those in D.C. are willing to give both middle fingers to middle America and do whatever they want, regardless of what their constituents want them to do.

We might also ask why are Americans in such a fiasco over health-care to begin with?  The answers, if we are honest, vary from an unrestrained legal system to an entitlement minded populace that demands insurance coverage for expensive doctor visits when they get a cold.

We would do well though, to ask for a little more integrity in the debate.  Integrity is something that is suspect in the Obama administration and the Reid bill.  The stack of “miss-spoken” statments, or “un-truths” or out-right lies, (how you describe it depends on how aggressive you want to be in confronting the government these days) is piling up.  Public confidence in the plan that has been put before the public has been eroded to the point of complete decay.  Yet Obama, Reid, and a select string elitist purchased celebrities and socialites still seem intent on trying to sell this plan.

The big question is why?

Will we really fix a systemic problem with our health-care system by changing the payer?  Will we suddenly make medical services more efficient, affordable, and available by running them through government bureaucracies?  Are people really dying in America because they don’t have dental coverage?

So again we are forced to ask ourselves what is the political motive?  Does it really come down to power, or does this administration really believe that America would be better off as a communist/socialist country?

These are the questions we should be pondering as we face the single most monumental moments of govt intervention in our descendants recorded history of America.


“The American Public Is Not Behind This Bill”


~ by Bill Newman on March 7, 2010.

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