Adam Gadahn: American Terrorist Headlines Compared

adam gadahn

Comparison Pictures of Adam Gadahn and Suspect

Media bias is evident in almost every story from every outlet from the smallest blog to the largest network.  Making one’s mind open to it, in order to see through it to the truth of the story, is a learned skill.  The suspected Adam Gadahn capture is no exception.

As this story unfolds I think one of the most striking and unspoken elements is the way various “news” outlets present Adam Gadahn, and his capture, in their headlines. ABC, CBS, and Breitbart put it quite simply with a similar: Officers: Pakistan detains American-born al-Qaida, while MSNBC, CNN and the Huffington Post painted a much more benign picture of Gadahn with the almost identical headline Al Qaeda’s American Spokesman Arrested In Pakistan. (Fox News had no mention of the story at time of this writing. It is important to note also that the identity of the captured suspect has not been confirmed by U.S. authorities at the time of this writing as well.)

It is interesting that the liberal outlets would consider an American who joins a known terrorist network simply a “spokesperson”. By now, mainstream America, conservative or liberal, considers this type of individual a traitor and a terrorist.

Let this be a small reminder that the source of our information has usually been unable to resist the urge of personal bias and prejudice in the presentation of the story.  With this in mind, it almost always pays to compare several sources, in order to prevent yourself from becoming a mindless drone of a particular media outlet.

~ by Bill Newman on March 8, 2010.

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